Brendan O’Rourke

Financial Adviser

Geelong financial adviser Brendan-O’Rourke

Brendan is a Financial Adviser and Director of Geelong Wealth Advisers. He wakes up every day with a glass half full attitude, an eternal optimistic that can see the positive in all things. Supporting the Richmond Football Club has taught him in life to cope with more downs than ups however their recent success has given him a reason to smile.

He believes that you never achieve anything in life without putting in the time and energy required to achieve success.

If you dream of a comfortable lifestyle and retirement, make your dreams a reality and speak with Brendan.

He is a passionate and energetic adviser, that treats his clients with honesty and respect and works hard to enhance his clients lives.

Happily married to his wife Kimberley and has 2 children Nathan and Emily.